http://www.revengeofthe80sradio.com August 2008

The Regeneration Tour 2008 rolled into the NYC-Metro region with a stop at Jones Beach’s Nikon Theater. The crowd of “80s children” and the younger new wave fans were geared up for the classics from some of their favorite bands and were treated to some new material from a couple of them. It was a beautiful evening as the sun started to set near the calm beach waters into a clear night — perfect for a concert…

...The intermission before the Human League came on was a bit longer than the others, as the tour crew had to move several synthesizers onto the stage as well as a video display on the back wall. When it was time, the place went dark, the lights went on and the video started with Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley singing the familiar intro to “Mirror Man.” Phil Oakey came out with a long black trench coat over a cool suit and sunglasses assuming the lead. Like Martin Fry, Oakey has a stage presence that commands attention, which accounts claim is a main reason he was recruited into the band in the first place. Oakey’s movements were direct and perfectly styled with each selection, from the dance hits “Will I See You Again” and “Love Action” to the pop-chart toppers “Don’t You Want Me” and “Fascination,” which featured a quick outfit-change from Catherall and Sulley. When performing “Fascination,” Oakey did not bring in a second male singer to cover the parts originally sung by Philip Adrian Wright; he performed both parts very well, but that might have kept the vocalist from going as deep as he used to when he sang his famous lines: “and then the conversation turned/when the sun went down…” The Human League also captivated the audience with their politically-bent cult classics “Big Brother” and “The Lebanon” before slowing down to a smooth rendition of “Human.”The entire Regeneration Tour concert at Jones Beach was a great success and nice mix of bands and tracks appealing to both mainstream and alternative new wave tastes. Coming soon, Revenge of the 80s official photographer Elizabeth Lynch will post a special Regeneration Tour Photo page on this website featuring highlights from the show.