15/01 2008


NME January 1995


Albums: Added info of new compilation "Late Night Tales" and re-release of Methods Of Dance.

Singles: Added promo 12" of Soundtrack To A Generation.


Added info of 2008 tours + date from 2Leeds under Various Gigs 2000


Added info of new mixes of Being Boiled, Dreams Of Leaving, Non-Stop, Love Action (I Believe In Love), Don't You Want Me, You Remind Me Of Gold, Total Panic and Louise under "Web Only". Added Kings Lynn 06, Coventry 07 and Nottingham 07 under concerts


Added info of Apples And Pears, Datasette, Knots, Marsheaux, Robbie Williams, Sarah Nixey, Schmoof, The House Of Usher, "80's Baby", Voice Patrol, Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer, The Tenth Stage under "Studio Recordings", "Jake Laufer" and "Strange Devotions" under "Live", Bassik Grooove, Remy under "Sampled". Together In Electric Dreams under "Tribute Albums". Added sound sample under The Farm.

Added review for Girls On Top and George Michael under "Sampled", for Reproductions under "Full Albums"


Added new under "Fan Sites" and "Various"


Added more key dates for 1999 and 2007.


Added info of performances of All I Ever Wanted (Jerry Springer), Tell Me When (GMTV), One Man In My Heart (Zona Franca), Heart Like A Wheel (Hit St Int), Channel 4 Electropop Pioneers under Specials and Nation's Favourite Musical City under Various.


Added qoutes for1978,1980, 1983, 1985, 1989, 1990, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

VERSIONS:  Added of of Do Or Die remix, added sound sample of Human single version, Don't You Want Me Red Jerry 7"Mix, Snap 7" Mix, Filling Up With Heaven Album/Single Version, Heart Like A Wheel Album/Single Version, One Man In My Heart  Album/Single Version and Nasty Sue Mix/Edit,  These Are The Days Baba Mix and Overworld Mix, Soundtrack To A Generation Edit/Album Versions, Stay With Me Tonight  Single Version, ell Me When 7" Edit, Album Version, Mix 1, Mix 2


Added picture of Robin Hancock.


Added Ian Widgery under "Remixers", added info of 2007.


Added Dare 2007 Tour programme


Added comments to A Doorway & Love Me Madly lyrics.


Added story of 2006 meeting.


Added t-shirt from 1998 and  goodies from 2006 tour.


Added info of 2007


Added original artist of "You're my baby". Added info of LA Toda video. Added links to Youtube where avaible. Added info of Do Or Die under remix.


Added new items under "Samplers" and "Synths"