Q Magazine 1995

Consistenly, populist asthey are now, it’s hard to believe the original League were ever to considered to be avant garde. They evidently have the knack of coming back with even more refinded, robotic formulae. If the cumbersome “Tell Me When” did the business, this will presumably clean up, make the beds and do the ironing.


NME 1995

OK; SO there was a half-hearted ‘80s revical at the start of the year, but this is that any reason for The Human League to have made such a victorious comeback? At the start of the ‘80s they took electro-pop from the hands of technoheads like Brian Eno abd made it mainstream with “Sound Of The Crowd” and “Don’t You Want Me”. The League haven’t really changed that much over the past 15 years but we have and, where their simplicity was once appealing, it now renders them balnd. Which won’t stop it from being a hit. Unfortunately.