01 Living On A Bombsite

02 Blind Youth

03 The Touchables

04 Being Boiled (Take 1)

05 Zero As A Limit

06 Almost Medieval (Cut)

07 Girl One

08 Circus Of Death

09 Intro

10 Being Boiled (Take 2)

11 RockíNíRoll/NIghtclubbing

12 Almost Medieval (Instr. Live B/T)

13 Blind Youth (Unreleased Early Track)

14 The Year Of The Jet Packs (Unreleased Instr.)

15 The Word Before Last (Unreleased Early Track)

16 The Sound Of The Crowd (V-1 Unreleased Early Vocals)

17 The Sound Of The Crowd (V-2 Unreleased Instr.)

18 Letting It Show (Early Open Your Heart V-1 Unreleased Instr.)

19 Boxing On TV (Unreleased Instr.)

20 Hard Times (V-1 Unreleased Early Inst.)

21 Darkness (V-1 Unreleased Early Inst.)

22 Darkness (V-2 Unreleased Instr.)

23 Hard Times (V-2 Unreleased Instr.)

24 Love Action (Unreleased Track)

25 Banjo Song (Unreleased Instr.)

26 Letting It Show (Early Open Your Heart V-2 Unreleased Track)

27 In The Park (Unreleased Track)

28 Donít You Want Me (Unreleased Instr.)

30 Darkness (V-3 Unreleased Track)

31 Hard Times (V-3 Unreleased Instr.)

32 River Deep Mountain High (Unreleased Instr.)



Sound quality: 2/5


Can be a test to listen to because of the lousy sound, but still quite interesting

to hear demo versions of old songs + there's 4 unreleased songs.