Dare website 17th February 1998
David Beevers Interview (part 2)

Barry Tomkinson

Last December I wrote a letter to the Human League with the assistance of
Troy Matthews, asking them questions that people who have visited Dare !!
were asking.
The reply I received earlier this month was from David Beevers (Who used to 
be called "David Dodd"). David has been with the band for about 9 years and
he runs the studio, engineer on the recordings and PA for the group, he also
get's to answer the fan mail.
I sent David another letter asking more questions, this time around the reply 
was very quick.
What you are about to read is what I have sent to the band and the replies I
have received.
My special thanks goes to David Beevers for taking time out of his busy 
schedule to answer these questions.   


Culture Club / UB40 / Human League Tour.
It was announced on UK national radio tonight (16/1/98) that Culture Club,



UB40 and The Human League are planning for a three month of the US
this year. Culture Club are to reform for the tour but the bands will only tour
the US.
David: We have had a request for this tour but no details have been received.
Heaven 17/ABC/Human League Tour. 
"The proposed H17/ABC/Human League tour has been called off because of
pressure from HL's record company/management. This has left us up the
swanee because we cancelled our prestigious Royal Festival Hall show in
spring because of the tour". From Martyn Ware 23/1/98 via The New Wave
David: This has been mentioned but because of recording commitments our record
company put it on hold.
Barry: The New Album. Any news at all?
David: No new news I'm afraid on the album but I will let you know if anything