Dare website March 1997
David Beevers Interview (part 1)

Barry Tomkinson

Last December I wrote a letter to the Human League with the assistance of
Troy Matthews, asking them questions that people who have visited Dare !!
were asking.
The reply I received earlier this month was from David Beevers (Who used to 
be called "David Dodd"). David has been with the band for about 9 years and
he runs the studio, engineer on the recordings and PA for the group, he also
get's to answer the fan mail.
I sent David another letter asking more questions, this time around the reply 
was very quick.
What you are about to read is what I have sent to the band and the replies I
have received.
My special thanks goes to David Beevers for taking time out of his busy 
schedule to answer these questions.   


Barry: I don't know if you have seen the site, but if you have could you
please comment on it. Maybe you would even like to add something to
David: We have not had a chance yet to view your web pages, as we do not
have e-mail or internet access.
Barry: You were on "Later With Jools Holland" back in July 1996,  you
had 2 other people with you, one plays electronic drums, percussion
and the other was playing synthesiser.
Can you please tell me who these two people are and what bands they
have played in and are they permanent members.
David: The other two guys in the band who went on tour with us are:
Percussion - Fergus Gerrand, he has played with William Orbit, East 17, 
Take That, Duran Duran and loads of other groups.
Keyboards - Phil Edwards, who plays and writes a lot with Eternal.
Both are not permanent the group is now just Joanne, Susan and Philip. 
Barry: I have been asked what Ian Burden, Adrian Wright and Jim
Russell are doing now. 
David: We don't know what Ian, Adrian and Jim are up to.
Barry: On future CD's, would you consider working with a more 'dance'
oriented producer(s) such as:
Pete Waterman, Ian Anthony Stephens, Stock/Aitken, Tony Green,
Giorgio Moroder (yes, again - this time the whole group involved),
the Pet Shop Boys, the Berman Brothers, or Masterboy? 
David: The whole thing about producers is a very tricky one. For Romantic? 
we wantedStock/Aitkin/Waterman to produce it but they were very busy, then
we asked the KLF but that passed us by so we did most of the album
ourselves (this was a very confusing period for us with no record company 
support what so ever).
We enlisted the help of Robert Gordon and Mark Brydon who were working as
the FON Force, after much talking we got together again with Martin Rushent
(but this was in the middle of problems for Martin so we only did 2 songs with
him and a couple of demo's.) Then came Mike `Spike' Drake who had been
working a lot with  Trevor Horn (We went to have a meeting with Trevor after
being dropped by Virgin and nearly singed to his label ZTT).
Lastly there was Bob Kraushaar who had worked with FGTH and most of
the stuff with the Pet Shop Boys.     
Barry: On the proposed new Album who are the main song writers?
David: On this album most of the writing has been done between Philip and 
Neil Sutton and at the moment we are writing some material with a guy called
Steve Fellows (who also co-wrote "The Real Thing" on "Crash") he use to be in
the Sheffield band "The Comsat Angels". 
Barry: Has anyone in the group done any non Human League projects,
like when Philip did "What Comes After Goodbye" with Respect in 1990.
David: The only other things we have done in the past years is a cover of Deep
Purples "Black Night" with Comedian Vic Reeves. Vic did the lead vocals,
Joanne and Susan did the backing vocals and Philip produced it.
We also did
a Japanese only single with `The Yellow Magic Orchestra' which was a remix
of 'Behind The Mask' and another track called 'Kimi Ni Mune Kyun'. 
Barry: I know you don't like talking about the past, but recently Virgin
records were going to release an album titled "The Future" and it was
supposed to contain B-Sides and rare tracks, are you aware of this new
release from your old record company? And if so, can you comment on
what the songs were going to be, since Virgin have indefinitelydelayed
David: As for the album "The Future" Virgin have been saying they are 
going to release this since 1981, when it was first advertised on a compilation
album called "Methods Of Dance".
The Future was Ian Marsh and Martyn Ware, we still see Ian a lot and he
doesn't know anything about it.  
Recently myself and Philip were going to our local record shops and we came
across a compilation album called "Soundtrack To A Generation" which as far
as I have found out is an official Virgin release (it's got a truly awful cover).
Another CD worth mentioning is the German Re-release of  'Don't You Want 
Me' it had a remix by Oliver Lieb which is far better than any of the British 
Barry: On the new album, what is happening with it so far?

David: At the moment we are in the middle of vocals having completed 4
tracks so far with the backings and guide vocals to another 5 tracks
completed. We have just started working on the cover track for the album
which is called "Weekend" and was originally recorded by "The Todd Terry
At this point in time we have no title for the album and no definite titles for the
album tracks or release date, but I will tell you ASAP.   
Barry: With Joanne expecting a baby, has this put back the release
date of any new material?
David: Joanne and future baby are doing fine, the baby is due around 8th June
but this could swing either way.
As for the album and any future material being affected, so far it's not going to
effect anything.
Barry: Can you tell me if it's true or not, that either Phil or Martyn 
recorded over the old backing tapes from the proposed 1980 tour that
was scheduled before the split?
David: We still have in our storeroom backing tapes that the Human League
used for tours and the tapes used for the 1980 tour. As far as I know Martyn
and Ian erased over the 8 track tapes that were used for recording
"Travelogue", but we still have the original 24 track backing tape to
Barry: I have been getting requests from people asking me what the
"WXJL" in "WXJL Tonight" from Travelogue means?
David: WXJL Tonight - A fictional name for a fictional American  radio station.
Barry: I see in your equipment list that you use a Tandy PZM
David: Yes we do use the Tandy PZM and I've used it on this album to record
some of Philips vocals. 
Barry: Was there ever a unreleased track called "Treatment".
David: I spoke to Philip and he seems to think that "Treatment" became 
Barry: So what's been happening with the band, last letter I got from
you about the new album you were saying how the backings were
being recorded, so what's happened to date with it.
Also do you have a title or working one and do you have a track list
for it so far.
And anything else you may want to add about it would be great.
David: At the moment things are at a standstill, we have written some more
tracks but we are looking for a producer who will finish off the rest of the album.
There is still no title for the album and the titles for the tracks written are as yet
still unnamed.
Barry: So what's the news on Joanne and Baby? I heard that she had a
baby boy on the 6th May and named him Eliott, so is this true?
David: Yes Joanne has got a baby called Elliot who now weighs about 14
pounds and is doing really well and we all love him very much.
Barry: Fascination! (American mini-LP)
I have been asked if this release will ever be put out on CD, I e-mailed
A&M records in the U.S.A and they said it was up to Virgin U.K. There
are a lot of people who would like to see it released on CD.
David: Sorry we can't say what gets re-released or not which  is a shame, but
if there are a lot of people interested to make it worth the record companies
while then tell your web viewers to get in contact with Virgin Records.
Barry: So does anyone in the group have any pets, and what are they
and do they have names for them.
David: Joanne has a cat called "Geannie".
Barry: In the Circus Of Death Video there is a cat that appears, can you
tell me who's cat it was?
David: We don't know anything about the cat.
Barry: A question that I kept getting asked "Is Susan engaged or
David: Susan is single.
Barry: When the new album comes out, will the band do any touring
David: When the album comes out we do hope to tour and hopefully overseas
but as usual this depends on those markets overseas.
Barry: People have been asking why has it taken 2 years to release a
new album?
David: We don't know why it takes so long for us to record?.
Barry: All the Dare!! visitors are eagerly awaiting the release of the new
David: So are we !!.
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