Norwich Evening Standard November 2001
Twenty years ago, the Human League were storming up the charts on their way to a Christmas Number One.
Last night at the UEA, Don't You Want Me finished the main set of a packed gig and proved we still do want The Human League.
Sidelined in the 90s, the group which defined the sound of the early 80s is back with an acclaimed new album, a tour and, best of all, all the old songs.
Phil Oakey has lost his asymmetric hair but, shaven-headed and in his 40s, is looking great.
With backing musicians to create the sound and Joanne and Susan on either side to gyrate in maximum makeup and minimum clothes to create the look, Oakey was concentrating on creating a night to remember.
By the end, his voice was showing the strain, but as the hits kept pumping out Mirror Man, Fascination, Lebanon the audience was word perfect and partying.