Indy Almroth-Wright

We Love...Homelands
The summer festival season opener got underway this Bank Holiday weekend with thousands of people cramming into The Matterley Bowl to party in the great outdoors for 17 hours.
The al fresco party got off to a shaky start on the weather front with a brisk wind and the sun firmly tucked away - but that didn't stop the hardy Homelanders who had clearly left anything warm at home, opting for maximum flesh exposure in bikini's and hot pants...

...Elsewhere, there were hundreds of handbags on the floor of Arena 5 for some serious boogying and hollering along to legendary 80's superstars The Human League. May 2005
...The League managed to pull in a full tentful of fans despite being old enough to be your parents and for just over an hour we took a trip.

Sorry, we didn't finish the last sentence properly. We meant to say we took a trip down memory lane, of course we wouldn't want to imply we took any drugs!..


www.efestivals June 2005
Kim Gordon

The sun suddenly burst through the clouds as I walked up through the valley from the coach park to the entrance of We love…Homelands 2005. So the weather was going to be alright afterall and the ‘sniffer dogs’…a friendly black Labrador who attempted to lick me to death on passing through the barriers. A lovely welcome!..

...Despite the poor sound (of The Streets) I would have liked to have seen the rest of their set as I’m a big fan and they were thoroughly entertaining but 80’s band Human League were scheduled at the same time in Arena 5.
So over to Arena was nice to hear some of their old tunes but I thought they’d have moved on more from the 1980’s. They were competent and tuneful but nothing special or exciting... May 2005

So, onto the Human League in Arena 5, an intimate (small) tent which filled up rather quickly once word that one of our electro founding fathers were due on stage. They kicked off with a compilation of electro-jewels, transporting me back to the delights of school discos. A portion of the mixed crowd were surely too young to remember them from the first time round, but this didn't stop anyone warming and chanting to their eerie but oh so catchy anthems as if they were engrained on everyone's subconscious regardless of age. The highlight for me (and seemingly most of the crowd) was 'Don't You Want Me' which had us all singing along and grinning from ear to ear. The only disappointment was that they were only on for an hour - they could have certainly filled a bigger arena for a longer time - but with just a taster I left Arena 5 and the Human League feeling warm and gooey inside. A nice feeling. June 2005 new

...John says: Monochromatic Parallel Lines vertically flank the stage for Sheffield's Human League and they do say that they have a thinning effect. I'm being needlessly mean actually because Phil, in black suit, and the girls, in cocktail dresses, look amazing, a good ten years than they are. Anyone hoping for a modernist trawl through 'Travelogue' and 'Reproduction' is slightly disappointed however, as they plump for a greatest hits set instead. This said they still play 'Empire State Human' and 'Being Boiled' as well as an awesome 'Electric Dreams'. There is an inevitable whiff of School Disco about this, which is a shame because it detracts from the fact that the League were once one of the most forward-looking and innovative bands we had...