ESBJERG 2006 REVIEWS June 2006
Søren Nielsen

The 80s came to Esbjerg

The Sun was shining and the 80s music dominated Esbjerg at The A Day in the 80s festival.

Saturday the 17. june Esbjerg stood in the sign of nostalgia, as the 80s festival A Day in the 80s was happening. There were in advance set a maximum of 10.000 tickets, and judging by the turn out on this hot summer day, it was close to sold out….

...The 80s makes a serious return
The festival was to end with a bang and that assigment went to The Human League from England, fronted by Phil Oakey. And here we are literally talking about a big, positive surprise, where they really turned up the voulme for a classic synth-pop sound, the grand lighting show and a good performance.

Unfortuneately for The Human League may guests were already leaving the venue, but even if it wasn't as packed as earlier in the day, there was still lots of people left to sing, dance and celebrate the true 80s sound as it was presented by The Human League. And speaking from this editors own, nostalgic corner, it has to be noted that seeing the 6-edged electronic drums and portable synthesizers again was a real treat and another feather in the hat...

Translated from danish June 2006 new
Marlene Lisa Eriksen
…The Human League rounded off the programme. Their electronic sound stood out from the other acts, who were leaning more towards pop.

It was difficlut to say if it was because people were too drunk or the fact that The Human League stood too much out from the other bands, but there just wasn't the same atmosphere as earlier in the day. But it looked like the ones who stayed enjoyed the meeting with The Human League and leadsinger Phil Oakey's characteristic voice...

Translated from danish