01 Mirror Man

02 Open Your Heart

03 Tell Me When

04 All I Ever Wanted

05 The Lebanon

06 First Man In Space

07 Empire State Human

08 Life On Your Own

09 The Stars Are Going Out

10 Human

11 Heart Like A Wheel

12 The Sound Of The Crowd

13 Love Action (I Believe In Love)

14 (Keep Feeling) Fascination

15 Together In Electric Dreams

16 Don't You Want Me

17 Being Boiled

18 The Things That Dreams Are Made Of



From Victoria Theatre in Stoke 27/11 2004

Audience recording

Sound quality: 3/5


OK sound, even though you at times can hear individuals in the crowd talking. Recommended for getting

new, extended versions of "Mirror Man", "Open Your Heart", "Together In Electric Dreams" and "Don't You'

Want Me". Also this is the first tour that "First Man In Space" and "Life On Your Own" was played